The Circle Garden

Some garden members have individual 4’ x 8’ plots, while others choose to garden on a communal basis, in the Circle Garden. The Circle Garden is a large circular space, centered around a large juniper tree and ringed with individual beds of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Circle Garden members meet early in the season and decide what to plant and where—keeping in mind crop rotation and companion planting practices. 

In March, garden work begins in the greenhouse, starting seedlings, and in the garden itself—cleaning up and aerating the beds, fertilizing with compost from last year’s garden, and making the garden ready to plant. As the seedlings emerge and the weather warms, Circle Garden workers, till, plant, water, and weed. Each member works on one of the scheduled two-hour shifts each week throughout the growing season. As the plants begin to produce, every shift ends with harvesting, with members taking home the fruits of their labors.

Circle Garden planting plan for 2019

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